Vincent Bavitz

Web Developer

Hey, I'm Vince.

I studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Melbourne.

I've been a Freelance Web Developer for four years - developing a sharp eye for great design and an array[] of invaluable backend skills.

If it's abstract and multilayered - I'm obsessed.

I aim to conquer every project with speed and precision.

Overview of Skills
My passion is back end coding
Some of my Designs
Moderns designs done right
Made Up Of Moments
Personal Blog for Traveller
Nathan Morton Smith
Premium Fitness Programs with Membership System
Express Medical Certificate
Simple One Pager with Custom Backend
Millbrook Securafunds
Mortgage & Income Fund Investment Platform

My Grandest Projects
Perfection on a dealine

XFER.IO Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway
PHP, Python, JavaScript, WebSocket

Written in early 2018 in time for the crypto-boom, my web-based cryptocurrency payment processor was made to be quick, beautiful and secure.

Its intended use-case was for payment processing for businesses wanting to use cryptocurrncies at checkout, and for trading platforms which needed a secure gateway for deposits and withdrawals.

It supports on-the-fly wallet generation for twelve cryptocurrencies, as well as the option to run entirely in memory, using PHP Redis, for increased privacy.

User Web Payment Process

1. Get Currency Data

Currency data including cryptocurrency prices and foreign exchange rates are continually updated in memory using PHP Redis with a WebSocket connection to a Forex Broker.

The user's browser recieves all necessary currency data via an AJAX request on initiating a payment.

2. Generate Wallet

A wallet of the user's selected cryptocurrency is generated in server memory using Python for increased security. Wallet keys are then encrypted with the server's dedicated wallet-generation PGP key, and stored encrypted in cold storage.

3. Request Funds

A PHP daemon process monitors all current transation wallets in parallel for new funds.
The user's browser makes AJAX requests to PHP to check if the payment has been successful.

4. Complete Transaction

On payment completion, all funds in the transation wallet are transferred to the site owner's main cryptocurrency wallet using respective PHP APIs.
After 24 hours, transaction wallets may either be purged or reused.

XFER.IO was sold to a prominent cryptocurrency trading platform and rebranded in mid 2018.
Request to see code Web Based Trading Platform
PHP, Python, NodeJS, AngularJS

Fascilitating live options trading of commodities, foreign exchange pairs and cryptocurrencies, Turboptio was a game-changer for web-based and mobile trading.

With a focus on gorgeous and responsive UI, Turboptio utilised AngularJS on the front-end and NodeJS on the backend for lightning fast interactivity on mobile and desktop.

User Interface

Working with AngularJS and HTML5 canvas provided a strong bridge between UI and JavaScript; allowing for dynamic interface objects and smooth animation across the board.

A high level of abstraction in fascilitated fast development and clean appearance.


Maintaining a codebase containing over 20,000 lines of PHP and Javascipt is no easy task.

Extreme care was taken to document all code and follow strict syntax and file structuring protocols.


I used only the most modern and secure encryption schemes and data-security protocols; maintaining secure operation on the client and server side without sacrificing performance.

Ensuring the security of business information as well as user data requires care and meticulous attention to detail.

Placing a bet

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My Clients Say . . .

Mark Flintoff
This guy is a true professional, very prompt, skilled, accommodating and not greedy.

He under promises and over delivers.

Blake Harrold
Client Success Manager - GoPlex
Absolutely outstanding service and technological ability. He dramatically sped-up our server.

Also responds very quickly and is professional.
Thanks again.

Nathan M. Smith
Fitness Enthusiast - @nathanmortonsmith
Vincent was excellent to work with; extremely professional, capable and hard-working.

I had a heap of changes to make over the period which were all completed in lightning speed.

Nicholas B
Automotive Designer
Great to work with, good communication and produces an outstanding product, will use again and recommend to others